Saturday, April 7, 2007

Am I the only one?

I wonder why noone ever seems to want to blog when things are going really well. I realized recently that I really don't have that many posts. I recalled a different time when I was on livejournal, posting almost constantly. Then I remembered...Ben...

When a boy acts like a dude and breaks my heart into a million pieces, suddenly I look at online journaling as a way to console and feel a little better about life. But when I am satisfied with relationships in my life, I want to spend my time maintaining and even bettering those relationships, not sitting in front of a computer analyzing and processing my life.

Why don't I ever want to process the great times in my life? Why am I so busy pouring myself into friendships and relationships that satisfy me that I won't even take the time to process things that are going on with me. I'm happy, yes. But going through a lot of changes. Getting ready to graduate, look for a job, start hopefully making really intelligent decisions about my future. It isn't that I have nothing to write about, I'm just so used to using this medium as a way to list my complaints. Well...that's gonna stop, my friend. Maybe.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

As this job search begins to take its toll on me...let's travel back in time and think about 13 things I wanted to be when I grew up
Thirteen Things about Tara
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1.) Miss America...Although I have the looks (obviously), I just lost interest in this once I realized that pigeontoed girls wouldn't win it.
2.) A research scientist for Saint Jude. I was gonna be that chick who cured cancer.
3.) A know, the kind who miraculously made 90 grand a year...
4.) A food critic...forget it...just liked to eat. If I could make a living at being a fatty I'd do it.
5.) the person who scheduled Nick at Nite programming...this came from a comment from a high school history teacher who said, take something you love and turn it into a career. i love dick van dyke. not much money in stalking; this is the next best thing
6.) A tour guide at the buddy holly exhibit in Lubbock. Not even sure if they have tour guides there, but I'd be the first and only. This is the only way I know how to stalk a dead guy. RIP, oh greatest rock and roller EVER...
7.) A geneticist. I really don't even know what they do, but I loved the punnet squares in biology.
8.) A lobbyist. This one is not totally out of the question, but I need to do something to pay the bills while I'm in the process of becoming brilliant and persuasive.
9.) An author. Again, not totally out of the question. But, as I mentioned before, I like to eat. Therefore, this will be a part time endeavor. I will also learn to edit my work before that happens.
10.) An English as a Second Language teacher. Still wouldn't hate to do that...just got my masters in something a little more versatile.
11.) A pathologist. What the heck is a pathologist? All I know is that some of them look at poop. Why did I go through a phase where I wanted to look at poop. I'm really not even all that pumped up about my own poop.
12.) An events coordinator. This was a great goal of mine until I realized I'm not organized and I really don't like to attend events, much less coordinate them.
13.) A counselor at Youth Challenge. If someone would kindly retire, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch.

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

I freaking love Fried Green Tomatoes. The movie, not the food. Well, both.

I like the fact that Iggy was so incredibly not a girl. Well, not as it was defined in the 20s anyway. She owned her own business, which I think would be SO great to do. And she encouraged whats her name to leave that jackass husband and raise a baby alone. She had ideals beyond what was expected of her. Sometimes I kinda feel a little like that myself. Like I'm not really bound to people's expectations. The only problem with that is that I sometimes expect way too much from myself. Sometimes I think I'm a little crazy. But, maybe I'm just not typical.